Visual Merchandising and Fashion Styling

My experience in fashion has been mainly gained from my time at Arrogant Cat.
My role as Head Visual Merchandiser meant my responsibilities were broad,
ranging from creating window displays to event styling and planning.

I have included examples of some of my work which highlights my ability for visual merchandising and styling throughout the customer journey.  Through out my time at Arrogant Cat my window displays contributed to revenue(in terms of window sale through figures) always between 15-50%.

A window display to push sales on the 'Kranky Cat' range.  Using the idea of 'getto chic' 
I styled this display to make the tracksuits exciting and sassy, accessorising them with lots of 
Arrogant cat gold jewellery.  Following this display 'Kranky Cat' sales 
increased so dramatically that stock could not meet demand.

 To promote the 'Dolly Mix' collection,  I created a window display 
to evoke a fun, flirty and playful theme.

'Country casuals meets down town bling' was my inspiration for this window.  An Arrogant Cat twist to a classic British look using bold, chunky Arrogant Cat jewellery and accessories.

These two displays were featured at the same time in adjacent windows.  Although it was important that both themes reflected the Arrogant Cat brand to its fullest, these were designed to attract two contrasting demographics to drive footfall.

I gave each mannequin character, narrative and movement to highlight these styles.

Using product positioning and floor movements, these window themes were reflected 
throughout the customer journey within the store.

 This display was designed to mirror a social setting, creating narrative and interest, while highlighting new stock and giving our customer an alternative to the conventional party dress.

New stock displayed in store.

As head visual merchandiser it was my job to ensure continuity of themes and styles across all stores.  This needed to be considered on both a national and Global level.

Using product positioning and rail concepts to create a linear rail format.

It is essential that each theme was communicated by the in store mannequins and floor movements.

Wholesale and client show room, showcasing up and coming samples and concepts for the new season.  These looks were kept fresh to generate repeat and new business,
whilst giving the press continual reasons to have interest in the brand.

My style tips, how to wear and must have pieces at the Arrogant Great Portland Street store.

Conceptual window displays for the new Spring collection.  Working within the parameters of a creative brief in conjunction with my own ideas, thoughts and styling I created a series of mock up displays I felt would enhance the collection, the brand and boost footfall.

Fashion Styling

Whilst at Arrogant Cat, Fashion TV filmed and documented a fashion show to showcase the latest collection.  It was my sole responsibility to create the theme, style the models and organise the catwalk reflecting the collection Superheros theme and of course the brand.

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